Daniel Thiger - Tutorial Desert Bedrock

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    Daniel Thiger - Tutorial Desert Bedrock
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    Use this tutorial as a detailed step by step guide for how to recreate my Desert Bedrock from scratch.

    This tutorial follows a walkthrough format, where I go through how I built each of the components in the graph including:

    - Base Shapes

    - Erosion and Layering

    - Cracks

    - Sand Shape

    - Dune and Pebbles

    - Diffuse for Sand and Rock

    - Sparkles, Normals, and Roughness

    Skill Level

    Intermediate Level, you should be familiar with the basic nodes and workflows in Substance Designer.


    - 50+ minutes walkthrough covering the entire graph from start to finish.

    - 1080 Resolution

    - Non-directional warp node (credit to Evan Liaw and Bradford Smith) and my simple preview node are included


    Personal, Indie, and Studio Licenses are available. Personal licenses do NOT apply to companies.

    Daniel Thiger - Tutorial Desert Bedrock
    Daniel Thiger - Tutorial Desert Bedrock